Community Investment

Each year United Way of Muscatine recruits volunteers to participate on their Community Investment Committee.  Teams review grant applications submitted by local agencies and determine how to invest the dollars raised for  programs.   Local agencies fill out detailed forms which include their budgets, program objectives, clients served, positive community impacts, methods used to measure outcomes and their strategic plan.   After reviewing the grant applications, volunteers take a tour of the agency and hear a presentation about the program and its budget.  The committee members then work together to determine which agencies should be funded and at what levels.  The volunteers ensure that only local agencies that are effective and efficient are funded through United Way of Muscatine.



How to Receive Funding

Each year Community Investment Request Forms are reviewed and updated. Agencies can find the link to the online forms on this page. Volunteers who review the grant applications use a score sheet to evaluate requests.  Scores do not determine exact funding levels, but aid in group discussions.  Agencies will receive their average scores at the end of the process.

For each program an agency is asking for funds, they will complete an  online request form, budget form and a logic model. Each request will also include a board roster, the most recent audit, IRS Form 990, and current balance sheet.

Online Application Site
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Additional Resources 

Community Investment Grant Application Form 2017 (Please note, the online form needs to be filled out, this form was used as a visual aid during training)

Budget Form 2017 (Please note, the online form needs to be filled out, this form was used as a visual aid during training)

Community Investment Timeline 2017

Budget Form Definitions

Outcome measurement example