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Partner Agency Story

The American Red Cross collaborated with United Way for the annual Day of Caring. 37 people assisted in the prevention project for Home Fire Preparedness.  The aim of this project is to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from home fires by installing smoke alarms in homes located in neighborhoods heavily affected by fires. The volunteers came together on this day and were trained to go into homes and educate people about fire safety, as well as provide families with newly installed smoke alarms. It was an amazing day! Many families received the education and fire safety equipment they needed to be safe, and the volunteers felt good about participating in this life-saving program.


1,044 seniors receive access to services that assist them in staying healthy and independent

97 parents and children receive access to in-home prevention service programs that help keep children safe from abuse, healthy and connected to their families

300 adults and children receive counseling and therapy services

476 individuals receive access to domestic abuse & sexual abuse counseling, advocacy and education programming

733 adults and children receive health, safety and first aid training

1643 adolescents obtain pregnancy prevention education

317 women and infants with limited access to health services obtain quality maternal health preventative services

397 low income and under-insured children receive access to a school-based dental prevention program

173 food-insecure students living in poverty receive food on the weekends

247 children with intellectual disabilities participate in a variety of athletic and educational programming, enhancing their skills and personal development