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Job Title: Program Director/Manager

About Muscatine Center for Social Action (MCSA)

MCSA is a local Non-Profit agency serving vulnerable population in the Muscatine Community.  MCSA operates 2 homeless shelters, a Domestic Violence shelter, Homeless prevention program, Housing Stability Program, Rapid Re-housing program, private residential rentals, and commercial rentals while trying to address gaps in the community.  MCSA operates in a highly collaborative environment with other local agency’s to provide the highest quality care to impoverished citizens and creating new opportunities for growth.

Job Summary

Become an important member of the Muscatine community while working in a fast paced professional environment as the Program Director/Manager for the Muscatine Center for Social Action. The Program Director/Manager is responsible for providing supervision and oversight of MCSA’s programs, ensuring quality and developing new programs. This involves providing information in public presentations, encouraging, inspiring and motivating others as well as making responsible financial decisions.

Nature of Work

This position reports directly to the Executive Director and will oversee the Shelter Managers/Coordinators and Housing Stability Navigators. The Program Director may go into the community – into client homes, to community gathering places, churches, and other local spots to provide public presentations or develop potential opportunities. The position is responsible for the quality operation of all MCSA Programs.  The Program Director/Manager also serves as a team member to develop multidisciplinary solutions to client problems. While this position works with substantial independence in the field, it is limited to routine decision-making with regard to client services, operating within established policy guidance. Unusual situations are discussed with supervisor prior to taking action.

Examples of Duties

The following list provides examples of the most typical duties for positions in this job class:.

  • Interprets standards and guidelines for clients/guests, answers questions while helping to resolve guest/staff issues utilizing principals of Trauma Informed Care.
  • Determines need and makes recommendations for continuation of or change in services.
  • Attend meetings with Shelter Care Supervisor and Housing Stability Navigators and provide sound input into the appropriateness of clientele/guests.
  • Reviews records regarding case management/counseling activities and termination as appropriate; prepares required reports – caseload reports, case logs, etc.
  • Evaluate program financials to assure programs are operating within budget.
  • Evaluate new opportunities for revenue while assuring compliance with current revenue sources.
  • Reviews grant applications and assure compliance with grant requirements.
  • Complies and analyses data to assure outstanding outcomes for all served.
  • Evaluate systems and process to assure smooth operation of programs.
  • Develop new and existing relationships with community leaders to expand collaborative network.
  • Work with potential employers to advocate for clients/guests and build new relationships.
  • Work with landlords to advocate for clients’/guests’ and develop new relationships.
  • Oversee and monitor vacancy rates for housing programs.
  • Assure housing programs are in compliance with government entities.
  • Work with agency vendors to assure proper maintenance of buildings while monitoring cots.
  • Establishes contact with and serves on committees of agencies and organizations serving the homeless and or at risk of being homeless population in the Muscatine area.
  • Travels as required for community activities.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • 7 years’ experience in Human services, Social Work, Mental Health, Case management, Business management or Property management.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a multifaceted highly collaborative environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
  • 3 years supervisory experience.
  • Must pass drug screen.
  • Must pass criminal background check.

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