United Way of Muscatine makes sure children and youth can start school ready to succeed, become proficient readers at a young age, stay on track in middle school, earn their high school diploma and pursue a higher education. We believe that education is a cornerstone for the community as a whole. High school graduates have higher earning potential, contribute more to their local economies, are more engaged in their communities, and are more likely to raise kids who also graduate on time. We believe that each and every child deserves the right to a quality education.

Partner Agency Story

In the fall of 2013, Flickinger Learning Center had a mother come to the center to get her son enrolled. There was a waiting list at the time. The mother started crying and begging for help. She said that her son was a kindergartener, did not know English and was really behind. They needed help. Fortunately, a few weeks later a spot became available.

When little Samuel first started the afterschool program, he was very shy and serious.  Mrs. Larson, his teacher at the time, was able to connect with the kids and keep things fun while making sure that everyone got their work done. Samuel quickly flourished in this environment. He was incredibly driven to learn how to read all by himself. By the end of the year he had nearly reached his goal of independence, and was able to start having conversations in English.

When Samuel started back with the center in first grade he quickly made it known that he wanted to read and test all by himself. Ms. Bowman, the Site Coordinator, worked with Samuel and set goals. He worked hard and by the end of year he was proficient with small chapter books. In 2015 Samuel is in second grade and is already reading books at a third grade level. His self-confidence has grown and he is now very social and engaged in learning. Samuel’s story could have been very different if it were not for the afterschool program at The Flickinger Learning Center. The staff and all those that made this possible, are all very proud of Samuel.


220 children participate in enriched after school and summer programs

7432 children participate in character and leadership development programs

191 children participate in a mentoring program, helping them increase self-confidence, improve their attitude towards school and improving relationships with their peers

150 adults receive assistance in learning English and computer skills, preparing for citizenship, and learning employment skills

290 mothers and fathers have access to parenting education support groups